Donnerstag, 13. Februar 2014

le malefique être du'n Ferkel


Okay, sorry for this unfiltered fictional-german/turkish Boost of exaggerationary explosive happinessi di giorno de una aglio olio una porno olivio (!) but i just finally booked my Trip to Laos, so the overwhelming Pleasure unleashed some kind of cross-lingual rapture of  overwhelming Pleasure, forced me to a sudden switch into fictional Italian. (which is similar to Ittalian but more porno olivio)

But even as an introduction, this turns out more appropriate, then i ever dared to dream of, cause i want to show you a dufte game of piglet-pairs (memory), which i made as a present for my piglet-psyched girlfriend and as you can see, after a long research in order to find the perfect Title for it, it was totally clear that the only way to title it gracefully, was a perfect balanced mix of mainly fictional french, a bit fictional spain and the german word Ferkel.

And because doing a 36-piece-piglet-pair-poodle-doodle is more than a single artist can bare (if he sticked to his habits like always starting way to late and enjoying too much time with wonderful procrastination and other stuff like wandering around in his homelands forests searching boulders to climb) I turned my flaw into a great feature and decided to just ask a bunch of artists i know, if they're willing to do a piglet for my game.

And wouhou! most of them liked to and created some really great pig-pics for me, so in the end the whole thing is excactly mixed 50 / 50 from my own and others'ses'' piglets. 


I guess everyone, who ever has done anything for print, knows that the most thrilling part in the whole pipeline of furios production is this endless exhausting time after you got your shizzle into print and just have to sit around, waiting in maniac excitement, how the print-guys will translate your ghostly binary stuff into some kind of physically existing item, which you can feel, grab, taste, lick and throw at cows in the childish hope, they will explode in mindblowing colors and the beautiful sound of silence.
To my (and i guess the the whole neighborhood's) satisfaction, this time everything worked out toplike goodie and I'm very pleased with the result of translating my cyberstuff into real things like cows and mammalian prey.

And now, finally the moment, which the whole nation was waiting for: heres the complete Bunch of piglets, listed in Hopfen, Hope and Harmony

All the donated Piglets are linked to their Artists blog-tumblr-facebook-page-things or kind of that. Pigs done by me are linked to randomly picked pig pics, stuff out my dropbox's Puplic Folder or just to this page (Which could turn into a neverending Strudel of furious fascination, fun and dazzling disgrace, if you let it be)

 due to the everlasting tradition of 
mesmerizing memorizing 


and now

okay, maybe its a cheap joke to make front- and backside
looking the same, but it works everytime :D

Jan Kloevekorn aka Mollekopp
Amadeus Waltenspühl
Sandro Rybak
Arturo Fastoni
Kemane Bâ
Dörg Wachsmuth
Andy Strauß
Jakob Eirich
Daniel Huri
Claus Daniel Herrmann
noch ein Sandro Rybak
Boumsen la fleur
Maike Plenzke
Steven Bagatzky
auch Steven Bagatzgy
me for Schniephahn
Alexandre Zedig Diboine

Okay, dudes! Guess that's all. Thanks thanks thanks jodelnknork to everyone who had the highly kindness of donating a piglet for a good Zweck, Liebe Liebe!