Donnerstag, 5. Juni 2014

Licht ist Musik ist Spritzgebäck

Licht ist Musik ist Abenteuer means Licht ist Musik ist Mandelbrotfraktale means [♫] Light is Music, is dancing funky groovin, lets brizzle to da moowie [/♫] means this is a row of swashbuckling jamborees with a lot of really gabba-stampf-progressive and Trance-House-Goa-shwabble and other Music, for which i make Posters since the good old Days back in 1786.

It was the first digital job-like-bit-bigger-artwörk i made after coming back from travelling through south-east-asia, where i got a lot of fresh thoughts and inspiration for life and universe and me and stuff and i really had the urge to long for something new, outside my warm-and-shelter-like comfort-zone with all its beloved styles, often done color-schemes and fancy-familiar line-flow-lines, well known workflow and the popular perception of the own artwork in general. 
So if you, highly honored read-watch-guy, who's reading this right now and watchching the picture in maybe a second or so, see all these changes and breakthroughs out of my everydays-routine or not: 

It doesn't matter, cause the Existence itself knows i felt it in my heart and soul and i really want to end this kitschy kitsch with a really adorable row of words: furry bill murry in a bavarian ferarri

und hier in Deutsch und klein noch ein Stück poetischer Prosa-Lyrik für meinen guten Freund Mias

o Schniephahn Future, o glorious Schniedel
es tut meiner Pustel im Herzen gut zu sehen, 
dass du jünglich triefend frecher Torfspatz neue Liebe schlürfst, 
oh flatscher deine Schwingen und flatter flatter auferkoren in gülden helle Lust! 
O Solemio!

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